Clean sweep follows Monster Performance

On September 28th Print Revolution directors, Paul Bamford and Adrian Collier, were declared winners of the latest round of business presentations held at the Carbon Neutral Club.

Their presentation was designed to highlight the environmental differences between traditional and digital printing. Covered in chemical inks and oozing carbon emissions, Adrian Collier described himself as a ‘Print Animal’. In contrast, Paul Bamford wore his normal print work-wear (pressed shirt and trousers) and emphasised the clean, environmentally progressive values of work that is always despatched from the Print Revolution presses.
The audience, which included a wide range of people committed to greener business, had no hesitation in declaring their ‘animated’, informative and highly engaging presentation as the best on the day.



Carbon Balanced Paper: Reduce your carbon footprint.

We are delighted to offer our customers Carbon Balanced Paper

The massive rise in paper recycling in the last decade has been one of the biggest environmental success stories in the recovery and re-use of our waste.

What is Carbon Balanced Paper?

Carbon Balanced paper is paper for which the production and distribution process has been carbon balanced, or offset, by the World Land Trust.

When you choose Carbon Balanced Paper you can include a unique logo on your print run: an instant, high-visibility seal that conveys your commitment to reducing your carbon impacts, and enhances your brand. Just ask the team at Print Revolution and we will be delighted to help you.

You can find more about the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme at:


Eye catching exhibition

Our team were delighted with the results

Long-standing customer 'Venture Simulations Ltd' required a high quality, eye-catching exhibition suite of materials to use at all its UK shows. Its sales' team were delighted with the results.


Latest Buzz Around the Office

Honey for sale

Founding Director and Olympic canoeist Adrian Collier has discovered a sweet new passion. In 2009, Print Revolution was asked to print a leaflet for a bee-keeping course and as a result Adrian decided to enroll himself in this 'hive' of activity. Adrian now collects honey from his own colony of bees.